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wanted missing B set parts for wireless set no 19

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Can you help i am looking to replace the missing B set parts which were removed from the set in the photo they would have been removed when the set was rebuilt in the 1950s .



the parts i need are

the aerial plug for the B set (are the A and the B set aerial plugs the same ).

B set tuning dial

adjustment screw to stop the B set whistling.

volume control for B set

on/off switch for B set

i am also looking for the missing knob for the slow motion control on the a set

the parts do not need to be in working condition just the correct ones as the set is used for a signals office display with my Bedford MWR at shows

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Must admit I got many of those parts from my second set


the Pye connector plugs for the aerial leads are the same for A and B sets. Have you looked on Mullard Magic or C Beagle?


thanks for the info on the lead.


(Edit) Just checked - my lead is actually 42" so must be correct






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Your set is a post-war rebuild done in 1959 so it will have been reduced to components then re-built without the B set section, rather than the B set being removed from a working set which was also done starting in 1956. A new front panel has been fitted which is why the apertures for the B set bits are filled in. So for an authentic display item, that particular set shouldn't have the B set parts.


The A and B set Pye plugs look virtually the same but are in fact different - the A set ones have brown "Paxolin" insulators, the B set ones have a clear plastic insulator to reduce the losses at the VHF frequency used.



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Hi Andy

Thanks for the info but its too late now as i have removed all soldered plugs from the redundant B set holes ,things are starting to come together ,having managed to find the B set tuning wheel , volume control and aerial plug but i am still looking for the other parts ,the face of the set is going to be repainted and remarked and i will change the date on the face to before the date the B set was declared obsolete.

thanks for the info though .


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