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Mystery 1958 Pattern Era Nylon Pouch


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Picked this up cheaply in a rummage pile at the War & Peace Show. Seems to be made from the same materials as this pouch here:




Although I am reliably informed that the above pouch is for a compass, not a field dressing.


Another interesting feature is that it seems to have the same brown cloth trim found on the Mk2 S6 respirator haversack. It measures approx W15cm, H10cm and D5cm. I assume it's for carrying something relatively delicate. There are no visible markings.


Any ideas?




Nylon P58 Pouch (4) r.jpg

Nylon P58 Pouch (2) r.jpg

Nylon P58 Pouch (3) r.jpg

Nylon P58 Pouch (5).jpg

Nylon P58 Pouch (1).jpg

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The belt attatchment looks right but there are so many mods made by so many people it's difficult to tell without any of the store details, it looks mint condition to me barely any wear on the velcro or "C" clips, it might be pouch made specifically for a soldier to hold  a civilian pair of bino's perhaps an obsolete or trial bit of electrical kit?

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I just bought a very similar looking but smaller pouch probably likely a compass pouch.

It has an identical  belt fastening same colour same material and a simple press stud / velcro fastener.

it feels like it is padded with foam, it has a drain hole

the only marking is faint it's a 35 mm wide circle, inside the circle (with a "crows foot" arrow at the base) is the following:




Although the pouch appears to be unused the store stamp numbers are very faint and  difficult to tell apart especially the 8,6,and 3 so the numbers might be slightly wrong. The pouch is 100mm tall, 40mm deep, and 60mm wide.

Have I managed to get a trials 58 pattern nylon compass pouch? I don't know if any were made but you never know!

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This is what the pouch I bought looks like.

I just saw it on a set of "SAS" webbing (everyone was in the SAS ;) ) ,  on "worthpoint".

on there it describes my pouch as:

"Small 72' nylon pouch - will hold a small set of folding bino's"

2 points:

1) Well I used to own a set of "72" webbing, and there is no "belt"  of any sort that you could to attatch any 58 pattern pouch with C clips.

2) 72 pouches are "buytl laminate", they had a smooth texture like the Para or G.S.  Bergen.  The pouch I have is more like the old suit sight pouch or a tougher darker version of US ALICE material.

I was wondering perhaps because it's nylon, and newer than 58" (designed for post 80's use) it might be a GPS or Altimeter pouch?

72 pouch..JPG

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Thats the same one I have, but with the different numbers mentioned. your's actually looks more like the 72" Buytl Laminate  olive colour, mine is a darker green like the 58" poncho. I assume that's just a difference in available fabrics. cheers for that!

Still weird for 72" to have 58 pattern  "C" clips though, as 72" had no belt so nowhere to attatch it.

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I don't believe the pouch above as anything to do with the early 70's '72 Pattern' / 75 PLCE trials set for the reasons you've mentioned. It's from the late 70's trials nylon 58 Pattern era, but I don't know if it's from that set or created separately for another reason around the same time.

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