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CVR(T) clutch drum service limits


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I have some manuals but don't see the maximum allowable inside diameter for a petrol CVR(T) clutch drum.

I'm working to find the balance between cleaning up the rust pitting and keeping enough metal to do the job.


Just about every one I've ever seen has awful pitting from sitting wet so I'm sure this must come up.

What have others found?



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Well, it looks like I can at least partly answer my own question at this point.


According to an older manual I own, the maximum allowable gap between the clutch pads and drum is .125"

My clutch inner assembly is 9.502" diameter with fresh pads so my current drum ID of 9.644" gives me some space before I have to worry.


I'd still be interested in what others are running or what the manuals spec.

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