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Inside T14 Armata

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this is just too cool to miss. Ruskies take us inside their new combat platform and demonstrate target tracking, gun laying, and firing.

Shows just 2 crew positions, commander and driver, suggestions are that there is or will be a gunners position but the commander can fully operate the gun from his position , which used to be the old bow gunner/radio operator position.


One interesting observations that maybe some of you former armor guys can comment on. The older T series, due to their low profile, the gun would need to fully elevated in order for the auto-loader to engage the breech. On the T14 at around the 12 minute mark, just after the 1st round and prior to the second, they show the gun fully depressing. Is this a carry-over with the new mechanism reversed or? with the auto loader still presumably in the chassis of the vehicle it's an interesting question but they do not take us inside the turret.


At any rate it looks like an impressive platform



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Challenger 3?
doesn't look like it, the UK MOD plans to keep the C2 going and is just starting life extension studies this year.



The T14 might change that, with the all "Russians are coming" hysteria being whipped up. Whether it's enough to change public opinion and bloat the defense budget is another matter. Seems it's harder to spread propaganda these days. Like surrounding Russia proper with NATO bases and then claiming "were under attack" LOL


at any rate, an armored Russian charge thru the Chunnel seems about as unlikely as an alien invasion, so Chally 2 should be fine for decades to come.

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