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Calliope launcher on GMC 352 in ww2

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I turned onto a programme called americas ww2 on Forces TV tonight ..Friday the 23rd of November and saw a clip where Calliopes were fired from a GMC 352 ..The 3 Clips showed A line around 10 GMCs each with 2 banks of Calliopes firing ..The second Clip showed the US soldiers firing the battery and the 3rd a close up from the rear of the GMC ..the two racks each had 5 tubes ..so 10 toes per vehicle ...In about 5/6 second they fired 100 rounds ..

OK interesting but i have never seen or heard of GMCs fitted with Calliopes ..The vehicles are clearly GMC and 352 but potentially whilst presented as ww2 could be post war or Korea,,,,,


I have been unable to trace any reference to Calliopes on GMC other than Russia ...Any Info ...




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Thanks for the links ....one of them led to a series of stills from the film clip and the commentary


Several field artillery battalions of the US 1st Army recieved ground based T27 xylophone rocket launchers in the summer of 1944 for testing.

Initally, they were not very effective but were later when mounted on trucks with two 4.5-inch launchers per truck.

Shown here, they are used in action during the Huertgen Forest fighting in Nov 1944.




T27 Rocket Launcher:



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