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WW1 Souterrain Impressions, Mississauga, Ontario


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For those who may want to visit or just read more about it, the WW1 Souterrain Impressions Ehibition is coming to Mississauga, Ontario. It opens on September 26th and will be in Mississauga until November 30th. From the internet and Heritage Mississauga, this exhibition illuminates the lives of Canadian veterans through the deeply personal carvings and drawings made by soldiers concealed in the allied caves and trenches near Vimy Ridge, France. The exhibition includes reproductions of carvings and images of the cave system at Vimy and the story of Canadigm’s work in developing the exhibition.


"On April 17, 1917 at 5:30am, four Canadian divisions consisting of over 15,000 soldiers who had been stationed in the tunnels near Vimy Ridge 10 metres underground for weeks, stormed the Ridge and Hill 145 successfully capturing this strategic site. During those long weeks, soldiers carved regimental badges and messages to family back home using the soft chalk walls underground. For many it was their last communication; 3,598 Canadians were killed at Vimy".


I believe that admission is free. More info available at http://souterrainimpressions.strikingly.com/

Souterrain Impressions.jpg

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The exhibition is now open to the public. Opening day was yesterday and the turn -out was great. The exhibition has exceeded everyone's expectations. Support by other groups and organizations was excellent. If you're in the area, come out and be amazed!

Cheers, Terry.










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