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Windscreen manufacturers for a one off anyone????


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Hi all


Not strictly MV, but oddball vehicle related (1965 Fire truck)

I had a slight mishap refitting one of the windscreens today on my truck (a 65 Ford F600) however this is a Finnish coach-built truck with, what I believe is a one off/low volume screen made for it.


Anyone out there had a curved laminated/toughened screen made for any of their vehicles??



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If the screen is flat you can get it cut from a sheet of flat laminate (for general info, I know you're looking for curved).


Pilkington at Queenborough in Kent can do one off curved screens for most vehicles though I don't know whether that applies to oddballs they might not have bucks for. Worth a call though, they're very helpful in my experience.

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Flat screens are easy to have cut, our local glass company do loads, however curved individual stuff will be hard to get. Your best bet would to use the internet to either advertise the fact you need X type of screen or to find an Owners Club if one exists. However obscure an item the www. will flush one out. There will be companies that will make one offs but they will be expensive due to the set up costs involved. Good luck.

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