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How best to share parts information


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Hi All


Recently a question entitled Oil Seals was posted.


How is the best way to share such info?


In response to Howard's question on seals for CMPs over the years and through MLU forum I have come up with a lot of the CMP seals, speedie sleeve, brake part numbers.


I've already e-mail Howard the Excel spread sheet with the information and have even posted the sheet as JPG images on my hobby web site. But both of these methods are rather clunky, suggestions please.


Also, as a new member of HMVF I read the rules and saw -


"Links to other Forums, websites & Businesses.


Please contact us before posting links to other forums, websites or businesses, HMVF is only as good as the information posted on the forum, if we feel that important content will be lost through any such links then all references to such links will be removed. Any links to buisinesses that may confilct with HMVF's interests or associated business may be removed. Any links allowed must be reciprocal. If any member continues to direct members to any links that have been removed then they may find it difficult to access the forum in the future."


But what I could not find is who to contact?


Cheers Phil

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