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Greetings from the dark side ... and Cheshire.

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Hi all,


Hope this isn't a duplicate: didn't look as though the original posted so this is the 'recovery'.


My name is Andy Hornsby I'm something of an interloper here, I feel, as my interest in military vehicles is as an onlooker; and worse still, I'm a photographer/journalist of sorts, editing a magazine about American motorcycles.


I my defense I do want a Harley-Davidson XA flat twin or Indian's military transverse V-twin, the 841 - out of sheer bloody-mindedness - but am currently ticking my side-valve boxer box with a Kiev-built copy of BMW's short-lived R71: a stop-gap between the pressed steel-framed side-valve R12 and the OHV R75 that had been planned as a military outfit from the outset. it just about qualifies as military on the basis that the Kiev plant was opened (according to one history) to provide vehicles for the Russian Army.


I'll come clean and admit that I specifically joined so that I could contact one of your members, who has built a beautiful and very interesting Anglo-American mongrel, but I'd be foolish if I didn't capitalise on the opportunity to seek out some military Harleys and Indians as potential feature material – or even a single feature showing them alongside each other and promoting the HMVF forum – so if there are any WLAs, ULAs, XAs, Chiefs, 741Bs or 841s out there, I'd be interested to hear about them.

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