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Ferret Commanders periscope/sight ring

Catch 22 LBDR

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OK so I decided to tackle one of the many small jobs that have annoyed me since i finished my restoration. On the commanders periscope there is meant to be a black ring visible when you look through it for firing the MG from under armour. No mater how much of what direction I turned the wheel on the sight the aperture would not appear. So I took it apart and had a look. The 4th picture is the focus mechanism, and on the left is a clear peace of glass/plastic. I think this is where the ring should be. There is none on my one. Can anyone confirm that this is where the ring should be, and does anyone have an Idea how to draw one on? (if I was to draw it on what size should it be?) Or is this part available separate?









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On further inspection it seams that the aiming rig is present. The top of the periscope is divided into two sections. A small window and a large window. The light comes through the small window and is reflected down at 45%. the light then hits an aiming ring. This is a blacked out disc of glass with a circle scratched into it to let a circle of light pass through it (aiming ring). It then travels down through the body of the periscope and hits a mirror. The mirror is set at an angle, this angle is adjustable by turning the wheel on the bottom of the periscope. the aiming ring is reflected at proximately 45% through an adjustable lens and hits a plate of glass on the other side. This glass is permanently fixed at 45%. When you look through the bottom window you can see this glass plate.


It is my guess that the lens is meant to focus the aiming ring onto the glass and should appear as a bright ring on the left of the bottom window.


I tried to force the ring onto the glass plate but had no luck. Any suggestions?

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Now you have seen it you won't have the same difficulty again!


There is a certain knack to it. Rather like those multi-pixel drawings you used to see, when you stare at it there's just a mess of dots but eventually the brain software recognises the image of a dinosaur. The next time you see the picture the dinosaur is the first thing you pick up on.

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