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Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show 3-5th July 2015

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The first of the military vehicle forms have arrived. Vehicles booked in so far include :


M4 High Speed Tractor

M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

Bedford MWD 1944

Morris Tilly 1940

Dodge Command Car WC56 1942

Ford Jeep 1943


You had better add Polsten Quad to that lot; got it going this morning. Got a bit of an hydraulic oil leak but nothing we cant sort.

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Military Vehicle booking forms, are now available to download from our website http://www.ywe-event.info BD4 6RN

please view our website or face book page, for further info.

Now the Norths Premier Military Vehicle Show 3-5th July over 400 military vehicles & 50 re-enactment Groups.

All military vehicles of any age are very welcome, to attend our show.



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Hope to see you there, we'll have to set them up together that would make a good display.



Hi Craig, for sure it would make a good display, but with a more or less 360 mile round trip I'm afraid is not going to happen for a weekend trip.Good luck and hope it goes well.

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Hi All,


just a few of the military vehicles booked to attend this years Show. If your interested in attending, please visit our website for full details inc booking forms. http://www.ywe-event.info 3-5th July


M3A1 White Scout car

M8 Armoured Car

M29 Weasel

M3 White Halftrack

M3A1 White Halftrack

M9 International halftrack

M16 White Halftrack

M4 High speed Tractor

M5 High speed Tractor

M4A1 Sherman Tank

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

M24 Chaffee Tank

M36 Tank Destroyer

A27 Cromwell Tank

Valentine DD Tank

Daimler Dingo

Dailmer Armoured Car

Bren Gun Carrier

scammell R100 Gun Tractor

scammell Pioneer Recovery

Bedford OXC

3 x Bedford QL Truck

Guy Ant Radio Truck

Morris Commercial CDSW

Morris Commercial CS8

Bedford MW Aeroscreen

Austin 7 scout car

Ward La France M1A1 Wrecker

Diamond T 969 Wrecker

Diamond T M19 Prime Mover

Diamond T M20 Prime Mover

Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck


M426 Harmon Herrington Tractor

Mack NO

Abbott Tank SPG

Scorpion Tank

Scimiter Tank

Alvis Shielder

Centurian BARV

PT76 Amphibious Tank

T34/85 Tank

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RE: Diamond T M19 Prime Mover

Diamond T M20 Prime Mover

Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck



Er Stu they are M19 with a trailer (M9). we don't have one running yet so two M20's


We need some Mack NM8's and White 666's to come too. Olly?

Cheers David.

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At this rate I'll be the biggest gathering, of wartime American heavies, I've seen at any show !!

I don't know anyone with a Mack NM or White 666. Graham's working on a guy with a Mack NM

id also like to find someone with a Scammell Pionneeer Recovery & explorer.




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Incredible news !!


We we now have 272 Military Vehicles booked into this years event. And it's only April.

With over 40 British wartime, 44 pieces of Armour & some rare wartime US heavies.

Now the North of England's biggest military vehicle & re-enactment event.

booking forms can be downloaded from our website http://www.ywe-event.info

Public camping is available !!

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Latest News !!


466 Military Vehicles, inc 61 Armoured Vehicles, 53 Re-enactment Groups, 42 Military/Vintage Stalls have booked into this years show. An incredible 58 Wartime British vehicles have booked in, inc 16 Wartime Bedfords for our special wartime Bedford Gathering. Many thanks to everyone who is supporting this years show http://www.ywe-event.info




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