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TUAAM Assembly Instructions

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I am currently fitting TUAAM units to my Land Rover, but I'm not sure exactly how it goes together.


I currently have two. One was given to me pre-assembled, but the other I bought as a kit.


The kit is a 351/2 and 320 fitting kit, including the TUAAM, DCCU plate and clip in frame. I have lots of bags of bolts, nuts and washers, but no instructions as to where all the parts go. The only thing I can try is to take the other TUAAM apart to see how it's assembled, but that doesn't show where the rest of the bolts go!


Does anyone have instructions for this?





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I havent done exactly that - if a suitable EMER isnt in the VMARS archive the best chance is usually http://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/land-roverfitting-inst-91-c.asp who seems to have the best collection for sale




is probably what you need as the TUUAM isnt on the dexion (so must be in a wing box)





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