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French Jeep Reproduction windshield opinions?


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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on the reproduction windshield outers from Jeepsudest?




I've seen the MD Repro and I wasn't overly impressed with it so I was wondering if anyone knew if these ones were any good or not!




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All the Jeep panels that Jeep Sud Est have are French made, and as good as you will get, superior to the albeit much-improved MDJuan kit. I visited their warehouse a couple of years ago, very impressive, very knowledgeable. I think the only MDJ part that they keep is the rad grill, which they reckon to be superior.


I bought a French windscreen from Tony Sudds some years back, but I don't know whether it was MDCAB (the French manufacturer) or NOS Hotchkiss. It was however perfect.


I think you will find this part to absolutely fine.

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