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Retired now (hence relaxed)Interested in building a usefull 4x4 vehicle to go under a selection of demountable bodies (flat bed, tipper, camper horse box, hiab,etc,) MV's atrract me as a base unit to start with. Does anyone know the chassis cab only wieght of the DAF 9 tonne 4x4's? Amazingly, the guy's dealing in them (including Wittams) have'nt a clue and can only offer a guess. It's kind of them to that, but buying to drive at a 7.5 ton downrate a customer really could do with knowing his available load to play with. I know they wiegh 6.2 ton with a cargo body, tow hitch and spare wheel, so does anyone know the wieght of the cargo body? I don't want to spend 7-8 grand as a gamble.I could do with 3 ton spare for whatever I want to put on the chassis; so If anyone has any advice or knowlidge that could help I'd be glad of it. Vehicle suggestions are welcome to.

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