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M41 jackets with markings/grafitti on the back


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We have all seen the M41 jacket that appeared in "Saving Private Ryan", "BROOKLYN N.Y. USA" But does anyone have pictures of period use of markings on jackets? I have, somewhere deep in the crevices of my photo collection, a photo of a G.I. lying down on a pile of rubble where there's clearly stuff written on the back. I haven't seen the images for ages, and would like to find out if someone else has one, or more, that they can share?


Prefer G.I. M41 jackets, but anything's welcome =)





Goran N

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The only ones I ever saw with writing on them had large "P W " printed on their back panels and I think a "P" on one sleeve and the "W" on the other. They were issued to POWs intered inside the Continental USA. We had a bunch of them (jackets-not POWs) where I worked back in the 1980s. Couldn't give the things away...



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