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BV 206 pictures wanted of .50 Cal M2 HMG mount


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I think you are chasing phantoms.


Tried calling you at the shop but you were awol


I think that to mount a .50 on top of that body you would need to spread the weight massively and would guess that there is a roof to floor strut assembly.


I'm interested to see what you turn up, there are a few images on a google search.



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The issue with the .50 cal or any weapon for that matter is that unless the operator can turn around within the opening with the weapon turning with him / her in front you can not get 360 degree firing capability.


The roof hatches on the BV206 come from the factory with a square opening which is shown in this trials photo. This is the only image I have seen with provenance that proves a British machine is the platform. The vehicle is 54 KJ ** and is likely a D6 judging by the snout. This was reportedly at the Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU) at Warminster. The operator is a Welsh Guardsman.


There are a few images on the web claiming to be 45 Cdo but when you look closely it may be their personel but it is not their Bv206.


In the end the Bv10S was issued.


Back to you




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