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WANTED Restaration of MORRIS COMMERCIAL (Radio) CWT 4x2 C4/WT


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Hi Folks


I will need some help on this restauration project as i do this for the first time.


The restauration will take place in phases. This will be phase 1.



  1. First I removed the Drivers cabin's Canvas. This one realy needs to be repaired or even rebuild. I heard that there are manufacturers who do this. I can send them the canvas if needed for measurement. Has anyone got me the adres of such a person/manufacturer? Or an alternative solution?
  2. Can someone provide me with pictures about the inner cabine, dashboard, chairs, ...
  3. Can someane provide me with pictures or tips about the engine? This one needs serious repaires as it makes a strange and loud sound (It bangs continuously) We'll have it overhauled. If anyone knows someone with a lot of expirience with Morrice Commercial engines and/or reconditioning engines, please let me know asap.
  4. Pictures hints and tips are all welcome. We especialy need pictures about the inner view like the dashboard, seats and the engine compartment.
  5. Any information about getting spare parts is welcome.



Phase 2 will be the back cabin. The chassis and suspension are in surprisingly good condition.

Phase 3 will be the radio equipment. I guess this will be the hardest part ... Can anyone tell me how many antenna poles were fittet on the side?


Thanks a lot in advance and euh ... LET'S DO THIS! :tup::

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