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BOOK REVIEW:' Tell them of us' Those from The Forest of Dean who served in Burma


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"Tell them of us" Those of the Forest of Dean who served in Burma 1941 -1945


I've just finished this fantastic book by a local fella to me called Ian Hendy.

Whilst perhaps not of so much interest to those living further afield than The Forest of Dean where I come from, it is none the less, an absorbing read from cover to cover. More so perhaps for me because many of the names and faces of the fellas I knew quite well as a younger man myself growing up around here..... It doesn't list absolutely all the men nor does it set out to tell all of their personal stories as many retreated into total silence regarding their time in Burma. Some chose never even to join with their fellow ex soldiers, sailors and airmen in the Burma Star Association so great was the trauma and horror they suffered....But those that it does tell of?....Well as I said..totally absorbing.

My good mates Dad is featured , also the Farmer who owned the land my sister used to ride a pony on. The lovely gentle fellow who owned the local Jewelry shop and another who worked in a local gents outfitters .....many other characters from around the district crop up.....

Sadly, when I was much younger (and all of these wonderful men were still about) although I knew of all of them?.. I hadn't a clue whatsoever that they had done so much and in such a terribly horrific theatre of World War 2 ...... Our local branch of the Burma Star Association is covered including the laying up ceremony of their standard in 2006 when the few remaining men knew, their time was almost over. I have no shame admitting this wasn't the only part of the book that moved me to tears.

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