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I maybe stupid, but......it's starting to look that way! Daf T244 fuel prob...

DafT 244


Now I've broken it!

Re discussion in my introduction thread....

I should have put my 'little prob' on here first I think! Had lots of input up to latest attempt yesterday, so any advice most welcome!


"Only prob I have had with the truck is replacing the plastic fuel pipe feed from tank to sedimenter as it was leaking slightly, so I ordered the pipe and fitting from XMod, drained the tank (55ltrs, I nearly ran out of cans!) and fitted new pipe and fitting no prob, once I'd borrowed a 1/2" AF spanner from Brian next door! Started it up and it ran ok till I switched off..Then a week later, on the day before it was due to be MOT'd, it wouldn't start! It must have ran on the fuel in the pipes feeding the injectors...I have bled the system a few times now, but will it fire up!! I used easystart as recommended by the chap MOT'ing it, will run on that stuff but not drawing fuel through to run on diesel?

Any suggestions most welcome!"


Here's an update.....

had another go today, traced 'engine stop device cable' to here and gave it a squirt and worked the lever a bit...


Then had a look in the parts manual and there is also a solenoid valve (Like my Defender)

So why is there a manual fuel cut out and an electrical one?




Then started bleeding and pumping manual pump lever.... I noticed on priming that there wasn't any resistance?

with no joy apart from ending up with this....



only tiny bubbles came out of bleed screw, no fuel....

So I thought I might have drained sedimenter bowl on previous attempts so

I undid that and it was still full,

And mention now that there is 50lts+ in the tank....

I then tightened up bowl and this happened....



Its like a bl***y comedy sketch isn't it?

I will take the 2 pipes off the sedimenter body and just join them for now, until I get the 'Lovely thing' going again!


Gaz (smelling of 'lovely' diesel!)

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