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  1. Hi Iain, Managed to get 4 shackles today to do the job here! Spent nearly 4hrs on the 'Net searching for the right shackle pin, diam, corresponding 'Jaw' size but no luck and was then recommended a company not to far from me and sorted me with certified shackles that fit the job perfectly! Individually they are rated at 15cwt/.76T and together will lift 3T ! They each fail at 3T... Thanks for your help Iain ! Regards Gaz Andy Tomlinson E: sales@chesterchain.co.uk
  2. Much obliged Iain, and Thanks for your time! So they are the same shackles for the side lift plates...SWL 2195 Lbs! Thanks Gaz
  3. Hi Iain, If I may ask another Q? I had ordered what I thought were the 4 correct shackles from XMod a couple of days ago,as they didn't state the pin diam in the advert, I asked them Not to send them if the pin diam was over 3/4" 19mm... https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=2867&t=Shackle_2_3/4_IN_Inside_FV2084745 Got a refund from them this morning! Do you happen to have the part no. for the one's you use? Regards Gary
  4. Oh that's a point Iain! Don't the Zeppelin cabins have that facility so the truck can drive from under the cabin etc? Or maybe the Yank ones..... Gaz
  5. Iain, you are a Godsend Mate! And that is a proper Engineering Workshop isn't it? Lathes & pillar drills etc.... The top corner brackets...I thought they were for Antennas or something like, it looks like that is what they are really for? But thinking about it, if there is one on each corner, they would act as a spreader bar wouldn't they? And BIG Thank You for the photos, I can work out the exact length of each of the 'Brothers' when I arrange the Lift! Bouncing here.. Gaz
  6. If so, had a look at the other not yet covered over with insulation... Not realising they are actually mounted to the floor/base as well, I'm quite happy to use them to lift the cabin off!. Just need to source some 1 1/2 Ton shackles now, I think I already have some! And will save me the expense of having 4 side brackets made up too! Thanks again!
  7. You said you used the shackles on the to do a lift, did you mean these?
  8. Hmm, yes, wise advice Richard, especially as I can probably get them from just down the road! Thanks Gaz
  9. That's handy to know Iain Thanks! I could not find any info on the web about the plates after searching the NSN! Do you still have the plates Iain? The pins are 13mm, the threaded holes seem to be M12 but, with the age of the cabin (Pre Metrification,) I'm wondering whether they are actually 1/2" something or other? It may be quicker to tap them out to Metric? I will keep you posted with my progress 👍 Cheers Gaz
  10. Iain, you are an info God Sir! Had a look on xmod and no luck there...And I think maybe too expense for a single off & on lift! At least I have all the info now on how it's done! Got a local Engineering firm who no doubt can come up with something simpler. see pic. I did not know that the holes were threaded and there is reinforcement underneath! Thanks again, you have saved me a fair bit of head scratching there Mate! Cheers Gaz
  11. Hi! Does anyone have a photo or Part No of the shackle/Plate? Does the 'lifting plate' go up into the channel of the rail, or slot into the circular holes in the side of it? Thanks in advance! Gaz
  12. Hi Alex! How's it going? Did you have any luck getting your brackets sorted? They have 29 in stock! https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=11867&t=Bracket_Mounting_FV959620_BAE_B92887
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