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As I now work in foundry I have access to lots of second hand belting as it gets cut up and binned. How much would you like?


Really? I'm after 8 mudflaps in total! (4 for the Scorp and 4 for the Abbot)


I would guess its going to be heavy and I'm all the way down South...


It would be great if we can work something out.



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Hi, if you send me some dimensions I can get some cut up to your sizes and then well look at getting them to you.

On another forum/owners group I am a member of we have an express service that members use to ferry stuff in short distances to get from a-b.

So if we have members on HMVF who are going south from any where near me to a show or a meet or work whatever, the mudflaps can be passed from member to member until it gets close enough for you to pick up.

This is especially usefull for E bay purchases too heavy to post.

There must be some long distance wagon drivers who are members:D

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I haven't recieved it yet is there a problem with the pm system on the site. Try alf.parkin@live .co.uk and Ill look in a while.

Cheers Alfie


Hi Alfie, did you get an email?


If not I'm after 4 off 450x480mm and 4 off 430x350mm.



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