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Proper steering brake adjustment procedure for medium tank M4 Sherman


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does anyone have the proper adjustment procedure for Sherman steering brakes? We have installed new pads and want to make sure we adjust everything properly. Also recommended oil for the transmission and differential is SAE 50 correct? Any help is appreciated.




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Assuming its the same as described in the Sherman 3 training pamphlet (M4A2) there are two types that are pretty similar for adjustment except for location of the adjuster, and the amount that you can rotate the adjustment nut. The first type has a circular access at the top of the panel. The second type has a an angled circular access under what looks like a fitting poking out. It states you should not use that fitting for adjustment, so don't get mixed up.


The first type has a deep notch on the nut's forward surface that fits a trunnion pin to make it self locking. This can only be adjusted in half turns. Where this is fitted, always remove the yoke pins from the top of the vertical control rods immediately in front of the steering levers before adjusting.


The second type has a long hex nut with fluted sides locked by a spring clip. This can be adjusted in 1/6th turns indicated by clicks.



To adjust either type, remove the circular cover or large nut (2 1/4 inches) located on each side of the diff casing in front of the driver and hull gunners seats. Fit the brake adjusting tool (1.1/8th socket) to the adjusting nut, being careful not to drop it into the casing. rotate the nut in half or sixth turns until the free travel on the steering lever is 5 inches.



It does say if this doesn't work a deeper adjustment would be necessary, but I don't have any info on that procedure.


Hope this helps.

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