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Help please! How do I remove tow coupling from Sankey mk2?

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Tow coupling is seized. Free's off if I hit it with a hammer and then slides fine, but leave it a few days and it's seized again.


its a sankey mk2 WideTrack and the coupling is bolted to the top of the frame.


ive taken all the bolts out and hoped it would just lift up, but it just won't budge!


Am I missing something?....any tips greatly appreciated


many thanks



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Jase the FV2381 is interesting as there appear to have been no specific contracts for the Mk 2.


Official literature referring to Mk 2 only makes reference to two contracts, but these are the two contracts for the Mk 1. Given the large numbers of mods it looks like Mk 2 is a significantly upgraded Mk 1.


I would be interested in a shot of your contact & modification plate for the archives. I have a Mk 3 a rather different thing but I hope this might help you a bit.



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Thanks for the reply Clive


please bear with me, I'm completely new to the world of Sankey trailers, but keen to learn !


Well, there's an ID plate on the drawbar of the trailer....bit faded, but here's the bits I can read :


MANFR : GKN Sankey


SERIAL NO : 1603


CON NO : FVE 21A/3801 (might be 3501)


CES NO :31224


NSN : 2330-99-893-4847


REG NO : 23 KE 63


CODE NO : 2853 0790


No : 1429



Does any of this info help to tell me more about my trailer??


im thinking I need to replace the towing damper, but cannot get it off. All mounting bolts removed but it's stuck fast


could it be the layers of paint? Or is there a secret fixing that I don't know about? Haha






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Jase that's interesting I've got the parts book for that Asset/Vehicle Code 2853 0790 but it doesn't mention that contract (CON NO), so that a useful bit of info for me.


Sorry no idea about the dismantling. Might be paint & rust, a bit of heat might ease it.

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