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New Purchase of Scammell Crusader filter numbers required

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hi, we have now just purchased a Scammell Crusader EKA with the 305 engine, just wondering if anyone has part numbers of all filters available to hand so i can have a quick shopping trip to filtration :cheesy:

Also looking for a long reach EKA bottom boom or an inter stator MK2 bottom boom.


any help gratefully received.

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There is a thread on here that lists, Air, Oil & Fuel filters for it, one of my posts has a PN for the Hyd oil filters which are quite important because they restrict the hydraulic oil from getting back to the tank in the boom, can make it very slow for the boom to drop that final stage.


As for an extension, I got one for my truck from Dave Crouch, wasn't cheap but a lot less than a MK2 interstater foot conversion will cost!

I wanted to do the same for mine, but ended up with the extension & an Interstater cross head with pedestals, now got std, med & highs for it over a period of time. The EKA forks are perfect fit for the pedestals, so no need for more expense there..


Only downside even with the extension at full boom out, is the reach still isn't that good compared with more modern kit, more so for us because we'll be lifting coaches with it & their axles are set way back!


Good luck though, I'm very impressed with mine, it's one solid truck!



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hi, when you say you got an extension do you mean the solid section extension thats about 36" long? if so i have that one, the inter stator cross head sounds a good though! i am contemplating making a set of wheel lifting frames for mine which would again help with extension. I am also wanting to move buses and coaches but to be honest mainly older stuff which has the axle further forward.


I will have a look for the filter thread now, i did have a look but could not find anything last night.\



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I found the post with filter PN's..


Originally Posted by kevin royan

Can anybody give me the civvy part numbers for oil and fuel filters for my crusader







Hi Kevin

Coopers filters part numbers are as follows, should be able to cross ref to most good makers part



Oil AZL041

Fuel - canister type AZF015

Fuel - Spin on type AZF051

Air - OD 235mm HGT 343mm AZA309

Air - OD 282mm HGT 419mm AZA314



Hope that helps





You can never have enough Scammells!!!"

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