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  1. I am sure I have a BV with cable. I can look it out over next couple of days. I am sure postage could be sorted..
  2. hi, when you say you got an extension do you mean the solid section extension thats about 36" long? if so i have that one, the inter stator cross head sounds a good though! i am contemplating making a set of wheel lifting frames for mine which would again help with extension. I am also wanting to move buses and coaches but to be honest mainly older stuff which has the axle further forward. I will have a look for the filter thread now, i did have a look but could not find anything last night.\ Ashley
  3. hi, we have now just purchased a Scammell Crusader EKA with the 305 engine, just wondering if anyone has part numbers of all filters available to hand so i can have a quick shopping trip to filtration :cheesy: Also looking for a long reach EKA bottom boom or an inter stator MK2 bottom boom. any help gratefully received.
  4. right, we have success! with thanks to the previous replies i have ordered, received item from ebay i have fitted a borrowed dizzy only to find that the under powered issue we have been experiencing the last few outings was in fact a head gasket blowing, and i think that the dizzy finally packing in blow the rest of what was there out :undecided:. So in conclusion we now have a GG with head gasket needing replacement, grrrrr but we have a shiny electrilically dizzy thingy to fit :cheesy:
  5. many thanks for the warm welcome from those that responded, very much appreciated, :nut: Dennis and Ashley.
  6. hi, newbie here. This is my first post (apart from intro) we are after info on 1. Banjo Bolt thread size for the Godiva portable pump fuel line into carb. 2. Distributor interchangeability from the AC DELCO REMY 7952371 unit as fitted to our Goddess to a more common LUCAS type OR info on getting parts for the DELCO unit (which seem to be hard to find) in particular the rotor arm as fitted to ours which is like a disk with springy contact on top and a fuse like thingy mabob built in. Thanks in advance.
  7. newbie on here, thanks to Jack for the welcome :cheesy:. Just a little about my self. We ie father (me) and son (ashley) acquired a green goddess PGW 36 about 12mth ago, we have an interest in all old stuff ranging from potable engines to buses and coaches both military and civilian.
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