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Artic Tent


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Chaps, little help please.

I have been given a British Military Artic tent, it's all one piece with the liner sewn in but has no poles. I would say that it is designed for two people, certainly not more than four.

I already have one but this differs in several ways - it only has an entrance at one end unlike mine, and you have to climb in through a tunnel.

My one is supported by three external 'hoops' (front, middle, back) but this one does not appear to have any support in the middle at all. There are sleeves for poles at each end and the ridge appears to be supported entirely by a thick seam running the length of the tent and the end guys.

I can't work out if the poles should be hoops or an inverted V at each end with a bracket at the apex.

Anybody recognise what I'm describing and able to shed any light on it?

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Definitely not. Has a modern nylon outer and liner. It looks like a really big, lined bivvi bag, you know the ones with a hoop over your face?


Having turned it inside out, I have now discovered that the ridge is supported by para-cord that runs the length of the tent on the inside. I also discovered 2 brillo pads, a very old sock and some plastic sheeting!


What I can't find is any labels or NATO numbers. A set of instructions would have been nice too....


I might buy some of those modern collapsable poles that are held together with string and see if that works. Have spent all morning trying to find the poles for the other one but they appear to be 'somewhere safe' along with everything else that might have been useful!

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That looks exactly right. Many thanks, you're a gent and a scholar sir!


All I need now are some poles, I have a feeling that I have seen some with that odd arrangement at the top before, if only I could remember where.....


If, as you say, you have one of these - could I impose on you further and ask you to measure the length of the poles in case I have to make them? I believe a friend of mine has another four of these tents - but he hasn't got any poles either! What do the army do with them all I wonder?

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The 4 poles are J1/8340-99-132-4115 ie the set of the 3 sections that plug together. Their total length including terminations is identical. But they are different grooved nylon end for the guys, pointy end to engage tent skirt & thro to ground & then a middle section. I will measure when I find the tent. The "cooking flap" can be useful if you get caught short on a wet windy night!

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Despite the appearance in the User Handbook the pole sections are of different lengths.


width=640 height=148http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v684/fv1620/pole.jpg[/img]


The total assembled length is 148cm, this includes 5.5cm for the rod bit at the end.


Difficult to see but the bottom section in the picture has a nylon end with a groove to accept the guys & a pretty pathetic arrangement it is too.

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Thats OK glad to help. Tents are a bit neglected rather like trailers were a few years ago. I do actually have a spare top section pole, so they do turn up. But one isn't going to be much good to you. You might as well make up something out of just one length of tube. If you paint the end bits green nobody is going to know.

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