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Auction of Mirabel Chadha collection

Great War truck

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Just missed this auction but there is/was some nice stuff there. All looks to be nicely restored which is unusual in France as most early trucks are just returned to running condition. Estimates look to be rather low, but we will see.


Saturday, September 14, 2013 , Wharf's auction House will offer auction nine trucks of exception which belonged to Mr. Mirabel-Chadha, a collector renamed who owned hundreds of vehicles (race cars, utility, military...). These trucks, which were his favourite pieces (one of them sits today at the Peugeot Museum at Sochaux), are the final pieces put up for sale by his family.


Beyond models that are particularly rare, these trucks all have a common characteristic, as specified in the Master Jerome Duvillard auctioneer: "they have not been renovated, but restored. '' And the difference is important. This means that all parts and materials are time. "On the other hand, these trucks remained in the garage for more than a decade, not sure what they roll at the end of the sale. Need to ensure during the exhibition. Here is a selection.


This Four-wheel Drive is simply "the first 4 × 4 in the world who served during the first world war", according to master Duvillard. For the anecdote, this vehicle was built in the American town of Clintonville. And when U.S. president Bill Clinton had come to France, he had the opportunity to pose in front of one of these models. Estimate 8 000 – 12 000 euros.






Above, the White Type TBO has the fairing of a care worthy of a western with the rollbar underlying tarpaulins. His story is pretty special: the brand is American, tsar Nicolas II had a squadron composed exclusively of this type of vehicle, at the time of the war of 14-18. Estimate 8 000 – 12 000 euros.




This Baron-Vial 4 cylinder, 1916, represents "the power and invulnerability at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to its all-purpose chassis", according to the auctioneer. "It was the truck of reference for its longevity, its security, its power and its ability to pull heavy loads." Estimate 8 000 – 12 000 euros.




This Type GZ from Renault was used to transport troops and ammunition, on the sacred way of Verdun. Suffice to say that it is, as for the other trucks from the sale of an authentic piece of history. Estimate 8 000 – 12 000 euros.

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That is very observant of you. I was wondering why the body was sitting so high. I have not seen a photo of an FWD with winch in military service so wonder if this was a modification (either during or after the war). I have got a photo of a Nash Quad with a similar modification which was wartime though. I will have to dig that out now and compare it.

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The winch assembly is mounted to the rear of the transverse rear spring and so requires a chassis extension of, I guess, about 18". It also prevents the fitting of the heavy towing pintle assembly that military Bs often have. In the photo above you can see that the chassis is much longer than the body, which would be a bit of a pain when loading and unloading. The winch would have been realy usefull on a gun tractor but not if you had no towing hook!


I would think it likely that this one is a military truck that has had the proper FWD winch conversion fitted in its later life and not removed when it was converted back to military trim.



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I see the FWD in the top photo has the rear winch, the drive shaft is visible between the chassis and the body.


Does anyone know what this truck sold for and where it went?



I have not got the exact prices, but am told that everything made about double the estimate.

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