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Change VIN Number on V5

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Hi guys i have a question.

I brought a 1984 Land Rover 109 GS about 6 months ago and stripped it down and scrapped the rotten chassis and bulkhead, it was registered on a Q plate and i have the V5 here in my name, recently i brought a direct release 1984/5 109 GS from P A Blanchards that had a good chassis and bulkhead but everything else was shot.

I then stripped this one down and transferred everything from the First one onto this chassis and bulkhead, even the complete wiring loom!

Now i know that i can get a ARP for it at a later date but i dont mind the Q for now but i want to change the chassis number on the V5, as i like to do things right.

As the direct release one wasn't registered and the chassis it self was replaced before it was cast and therefore no stamped but has the vin plate on the bulkhead and mod plate on the seat box, am i ok to do this and what will the process involve.

I want to do it right as i know that i can get a vin plate made up and just rivet this onto the bulkhead but i want to do it properley and legal.


Sorry for the long post!


Thanks guys

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