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Cadet smock

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Re the attachment, I was wondering what the designation AD after the garment description referred to.Could it mean adult issue as its a size 5,fairly large.I know these were used by the Royal Marines in the seventies and eighties,there is a picture on the net( I am sure most of you have seen it) of the smock being worn in the Falkland islands by Naval party 8901.These smocks although intended for cadet use and widely used as such are a good little garment and I suppose found uses other than their original intended use.$T2eC16dHJGIE9nnWrdK4BRPK3Gb(S!~~60_57.jpg

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Just after posting I noticed an original thread concerning these,(Doh.):red:,which answers all my questions,ie not Adult for the designation but Army department.And even the NP 8901 picture quoted.Perhaps I ought to check the threads before posting next time,there is,nt much thats not covered on here.

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