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Fitting Turner Mini Winch to my Land Rover LtWt


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Hello and happy new year to all


Last year I received the history report of Sock my Land Rover Lightweight. One of the pictures which are in the report shows a REME Lightweight with mounted Turner Mini Winch MK5. This picture was the reason for my wish to assemble a winch like this to my Lightweight. Two weeks ago I got a winch, unfortunatelly without the needed parts for the drive line. But this is another case. The problem is that the winch need more space for fitting between the bumper and the front cross member as I expected. The dealer which sold the winch told me that the winch can be fitted to the Lightweight but he didn´t tell me that I have to modifie the chassis or the bumper. So I studied the picture more precisely and found out that the distance between the bumper and the side wing of the REME Lightweight must be the multiple of the regular distance. In normal case the distance is round about 2". I need round about four additional inches of space for fitting the winch.

I marked the edges of the bumper and the side wing on the picture and so I believe that the REME modified the fastening of the bumper. Is there anybody in this forum who knows details about this construction and can give me more information, perhaps some pictures of a Lightweight like the REME Lightweight?


Regards from Germany



This is the picture of the REME Lightweight with fitted Turner Winch. The red lines are the markings as described.



My Turner Mini Winch.



Another option to fit the winch to the Lightweight. It´s only a photo composition. What do you think about this option


The text in this picture describes that I need 30 cm space between the bumper and the cross member. Further it describes that if I mount the bumper like on the REME picture I would have more space between the bumperettes and the side wings.

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