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1940's weekend Milton Keynes Museum.

Rick W

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In its 3rd year this weekend saw the busiest weekend for M.K.Museum. The weather was superb, all the museum "shops" were manned by volunteers in period costume. Wartime dances in the new hall, along with singing from Lola L'Amour thoughout the day.Various re-enactment groups, military and civilian. A new feature this year was the traders stalls, who were busy throughout the weekend. Also new for the event was a flying display from the BBMF Spitfire on the Saturday which was greatly enjoyed by everyone, and really set the atmosphere for the weekend. Also of particular note was the presence of a Chev truck with artic trailer complete with aircraft engine and spares. It was only the trucks second outing, but the trucks had to be seen to be believed, it looked like it had just come out of the factory.

Have a look at the pics in the flickr link below if only for the pics of the truck.



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Hi,I'll agree that truck looks great. BUT to be correct that could not have been only its second outing as I have seen at about four shows this year,and I do not attend many. The owner has a claim to fame of being in the "Band of Brothers". so next time you see him ask him about it......just as a clue he was not in the 101-506 easy company.........


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