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polston airbour gun

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hi has eny one got eny info /pictures/drawings/gundrill info ,of the airebourn polston please, help if you can as i can not fined info on this gun wear has all the info gone. terry 201



originated in poland as an attempt to simplify the oerlikon design making it easier and cheaper. Shortly after succesfully compleating the work GERMANY invaded, the drawings were smuggled to England it went into production as an air defence weapon.

only 119 parts were required against the oerlikon, usualy mounted on a three gun trailor but single were used.

calibre 0.78in


length 86.75in

elevation0 to 90dg

traverse 360

shell type weight HE. 4.19O

muzzle velocity 2725ft per sec.

effective ceiling 7200ft Hope that helps.

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