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Mortar Investments


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has anybody on this forum bought or knows of anybody that has bought a vehicle from Mortar Investments ?

What has been their experiance was it good bad indifferant ?

I am thinking of buying a vehicle from them and wonder is it just a web site with nice pictures ? regards Robin

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they are an excellent bunch ofchaps. Radim is very very helpful..Just make sure you both understand fully what you are buying. English is tough for them and although they speak it very well, sometimes they miss crucial meanings.


For instance new engine to them means new to me, not brand new from the factory...an important mistake I nearly made...I wanted brand new...but once I had the picture of the engine I understood...they were not trying to be awkward just did not understand my words...


But I would say they are one of the few dealers out there that you will trade with over and over again and never feel cheated..

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