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Irish Army Combats (1960 Pattern Clones)


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Been after a decent sized Irish Army 'Greens' combat set for a while so was pleased to pick this up. As you will see based very much on 1960 pattern British kit and made and issued until quite recently relatively speaking. Pretty uncommon and difficult to come by (espy in largest size 9) - the most scare item is the hood!


The smock is in great condition but a little faded, the trousers are issued but unused.






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Ok...you rich; flash barsteward, whats the difference between normal 60 pat and Irish 60 pat?




Oh you silver tongued devil Jon!


In short Irish smock has sort of map/hand pockets at the chest rather than the typical 60 pattern dump pockets. It also has internal poachers pockets behind the lower front pockets rather than just the rear pocket with the British 60 pattern. That is really about it in terms of deifferences for the smock.


As for the trousers there are wider, squarer belt loops and two thigh pockets, and a wider FFD. Again that is about it for differences.


Overall really very similar to British 60 patt. The trousers even have an NZ zip.

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I seem to recall seeing some examples of Irish Army 60 pattern combats that had top pockets and were to all intents and purposes a dead copy of the UK issue.........


I wonder if these were Irish-made or using up stocks of surplus British Army kit....? There was a hell of a lot of green 60 pattern stuff NOS during the late 70s and early 80s.......my local surplus shop had bales full of new smocks in a size 7, 8 and 9........£12 I think (but a lot of dosh back then....:D)......

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