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1960 Pattern smock and Trousers


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Picked up a nice set of 1960 pattern clothing. Jacket has been used a bit, the zip has come away unfortunately. Trousers are great condition both still have a new sheen to them.


The man told me he bought them from movie stores or film set which would explain the minimal use.


Just a question, what would have been worn under the jackets? would it be a green shirt, wool shirt or battledress? not really sure ( you cant tell from photos!!)








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Super pictures Martyn! By the way if you want to swap out the trousers for a pair that might fit drop me a PM!


Well the trousers are big if anything, the leg width is a bit large really but the waist is ok.


tempted to hold onto these for now but might hit you a PM after the weekend to see what you have

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By the time most of the 60 pattern kit came into use (from 61 onwards on a maintenance basis) the usual dress beneath was KF shirt and pully (the older type with draw-cord neck)...........battledress was phased out from around 1962 onwards for most, although TA and some other units retained a set for a fair few years after........


Note the maker "Manclark" on the trousers......another new one on me ! Dated 61, these are likely to be some of the first 60 pattern production.......

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