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1/24th Matador Kit


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Evening all.....for those with a bent toward the bigger scales......

The KFS 1/24th AEC Matador kit is nearly ready now after some last minute changes to the body roof & etchwork. Should be on the shelf next Friday I think. In the mean time though, there are fresh photographs of the production kit layout & the first test build in the Military Range section on http://www.kitformservices.com. The test build has got the tail lights & indicators fitted that are supplied for the post war & civilian uses....I know they should'nt be there in wartime guise but they were fitted simply to complete the photos for the instructions.:blush:

Not cheap I know, but its big kit, turning out a BIG model with a LOT of parts & detail.:nut:


5.5" gun for it is not far off now either.:D


Best regs all........H

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......but its big kit....


You're not wrong there:wow: You should have seen the postman trying to reverse the hired-in step frame low loader up my drive :rotfl: :thumbsup:


Just got to wait for the long winter evenings now :-D

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Long winter evenings !.......thats about right NOS, takes about 4 months to pre-read the instructions:nut:.

Took me nearly that long to write them anyway...or so it felt !


Enjoy, & remember to send pics for the website....(about next April ? :D:D)



Best regs......H

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