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Webbing Escape and Evasion Pouhce-Issue of Private Purchase???

Scotch Harry

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Interesting question, Harry......firstly, not my true area of knowledge....so best have a look at Simon Howlett's excellent illustrated books "Post War British Jungle Web Equipment" and "Modern British Web Equipment".....they have some great shots and descriptions of these items........


I think these items started off as modifications of issue 44 and 58 kit, but eventually became standardised and officially manufactured......for example, some "SAS" altimeter pouches carry issue stamps and dates amongst other things.....:)

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There was an issue version which has a single drop loop and NSNs etc. Survival aids made a copy, as did Silvermans in the 80s. I have a Silvermans copy which is unmarked and has 2 sets of loops, normal and drop and no markings.


The copies seem more common than the genuine ones.


Silvermans also made an SAS pouch for 4 slr mags, which I have. Survival aids made ammo pouches for 5.56 30 rnd mags as well as a drop 58 pattern pouch and a drop open top knife pouch.


Hope this help.

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