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Hello from "Jessie the Jeep"

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Hello all


Our leader sent me a PM asking me to post about myself in the Intros & Welcomes section, so here I am.


My real name is Steve Carr, and I'm new to the Military Vehicle world, having purchased a Hotchkiss M201 Jeep in April 2005.


"Jessie the Jeep" website



My interest in military vehicles has been around for many years, but until recently, all my spare time and money went into my other hobby, building and flying VERY large radio controlled model aircraft.


Now when I say large, I do mean LARGE. for the past 11 years, I have been running the U.S. Army Air Force Model Display Team. Myself and several friends, all build 1/6 scale American Warbirds that we fly together at model shows and veterans reunions all over the country. My B-17G Fortress which spans over 17 feet, is powered by a total engine capacity of 200 cc's, and weighs 130 pounds, is a size which falls into the catagory of models which need to be inspected by Civil Aviation Authority examiners during construction.


Here's some pictures of my B-17, P-47 and A-35 Vengeance together with some of the Teams other aircraft


B-17G Fortress "Hang The Expense"





A-35B Vengeance "Vult E Coyote"

width=400 height=264http://www.pix8.net/pro/pic/18574IOCU8/582624.jpg[/img]


Team Line Up at Duxford 2002



In the middle of 2004, I contracted asthma and a severe dust allergy, which not only stopped me building planes, but also forced me out of my job. Whether the allergy will be permanent I don't know, but for now, I'm giving the balsa dust a long break, hence buying myself the jeep for a hobby ( until I become allergic to oil and grease!!!! )



Model making hasn't just been a hobby, and for a few years I built models for the MOD, amongst others. A couple of examples can be seen below.


Jupiter - 1cm to 5000km scale



155mm Howitzer




I also paint artwork and squadron patches on leather flying jackets. My art website can be found here http://www.armyairforce


hte3.jpgwidth=285 height=380http://www.sacarr.co.uk/a2art/jackets/hihosilver.jpg[/img]



I've just returned from a holiday in Normandy, France, and going there, I of course had to take the jeep. What better way is there to see the Normandy beaches but from the drivers seat of a jeep??? My wife and I covered 700 miles in the jeep, while the whole trip was around 2500 miles ( it's a long way from North East England! )


Utah Beach Museum



Churchill Tank at Graye-sur-Mere, Juno Beach




I'm sure there's plenty more you find out about me, some of which is true, most of which I'm trying to keep quiet. Until then, thanks for putting up with my ramblings.



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Wonderful Steve, that picture of that B17 is something else, you wouldn't if that was the Sally B or not. I would guess that producing models like that would take more than a weekend ir two?! :shock:


Nice work on the jacket art...some people are just to clever!

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The B-17 took me 11 months to build, working ALL hours. Normally, a project of this size takes 3 to 4 years. The fighters normally take me between 4 and 6 months.


For those of you who are familier with the Steven Spielberg "Band of Brothers" mini series, I think it was in episode 6 where the troops are mistakenly attacked by two P-47 Thunderbolts, they were actually USAAF Team models being filmed at North Weald Airfield in March 2001.




We also supplied the Norseman aircraft for the documentary "Glenn Millers Last Flight", also made in 2001.






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