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1953 Pattern Smock Sateen & Trousers


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The trousers shown are the 2nd model (1952 pattern) made in cotton-sateen, many of which did not feature any lining.......the original version of 1951-52 were made in cotton-gaberdine (similar fabric to SAS windproofs) and had lining fitted due to the lighter weight outer-fabric......


In 1953 a third model came along (1953 pattern) that were also in sateen, without lining, but now did not feature the button-flap across the zip-fly which had probably been deemed unnecessary and to expedite manufacture........


All the above models were intended to be worn in extreme cold weather conditions over a thick woollen trouser liner, made from a dark green/olive serge fabric similar in touch to "felt".......they resembled a pair of normal trousers with a buttoned fly, partially knitted rear-waist and open lower legs........very hard to find nowadays, I have a mint pair dated 1951....


The next trousers to come along were the lined 1960 pattern, introduced during 1961.........


Note that the smock shown has a full lining extending to the lower seam, similar to the later 68 pattern garment.......1960 pattern smocks saw the lining deleted from below the waist, although the matching trousers saw the lining reintroduced as if the compensate....!?!!!!

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