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The Eighth Air Force Experience - Saturday April 2nd

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Hardly eligible as a proper Future Event as it is taking place literally this weekend, once again, I am fronting my interactive presentation on the iMac all about the USAAF in East Anglia.


I did this presentation in November in Mendlesham (34th Bomb Group) Community Centre and bizarrely for one of the coldest nights of the year, it was a sell out with standing room only. I was subsequently approached by the people of Eye (490th Bomb Group), to see if I was willing to repeat the event with a slant towards the 490th, which I was very happy to do as I actually had much more 490th material anyway!


So, this Saturday April 2nd - Eye Community Centre - Mid Suffolk. The Eighth Air Force Experience, telling the story of the USAAF Airfields of East Anglia's construction, occupation and ultimate demise. Using many contemporary photographs and original 8mm colour footage taken by the Captain in charge of the Photo Section of the 490th BG.


Entry is £5 and all monies raised will go to the very worthy cause which is the East Anglian Air Ambulance - None of us know when we might need its services.


If you have a keen interest in the wartime history of the USAAF in the region, its for you!

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The night was a great success - Over 100 people through the doors and a couple of WWII MV's out-front for good measure, now the clocks have gone forward.


The highlight of the night? When a local chap came up to me during the interval and said "I did a couple of missions with the 490th from Eye, well not proper missions, I was in the bomb-bay throwing out the food parcels to the starving Dutch people on the Chow missions flown in May 1945 from the airfield!" I hastily took his phone number and a visit for tea and biscuits in now imminent........!


A great night and many thanks to all those who supported the event.

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