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MVBros restoration 1945 Dodge WC51


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We are two MV enthusiasts, Goran in Sweden, and Micha in Holland, who together have started a new venue: MVBros. Our plan is for a one-stop place for your MV needs. We can source parts and vehicles for most WW2 vehicles of US origin.


Our first order of the day is the partial tear down and restoration of a 1945 Dodge WC51.


Please check out our website:




- where we are posting pictures of the restoration.




Goran & Micha

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There not building any more! Why do people value a load of old paint, or an old clock! Yet see no value in a piece of vehicle engineering history? :???


Because they are morons. Let's face it many folks understanding of history is what they are fed by TV,and "old things" are only seen as important if they have a monetary value. Rant over!.


Good luck Goran and Micha!.

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Hello and "Hej" Goran!

As always nice to see some Dodge pictures. Gives me some inspiration for my extremly slow-mowing project. I must say that I get a little jellous when I find out you only paid 3000NKr:)

It is a very nice vehicle you got there!

My own project has stalled a little and I am still on the search for cargo-bed parts.

I have also some problems with the aft crossmember of the frame since it turned out to be rusted through. Since it is rivveted I am not really shure what to do, but that is part of the experience...


Johan erlandsson

Hok , Sweden

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Tjenare Johan,


I'm glad you liked our website. Yes, Micha is a magician when it comes to restorations. He works really fast and is a role model for all restorers.


Micha will be taking on the resto of my newly purchased 1/4t trailer too. Originally thought to be a 1945 Bantam T3, that turned out to be a July 1943 Willys MBT!


We are in the process of setting up, and expanding, our business end of the MVBros. You can specify the parts you need for your Dodge and we'll see what we can do. We have a number of WC's in the pipeline, some of them to be restored, some to be broken for parts.


Write down your needs and send them to me and we'll see what we can help you with.




Goran N

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