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As part of its season of winter evening lectures, the Tank Museum at Bovington has invited Captain Noel Swales, Light Dragoons, to give a talk on his experiences from several tours in Afghanistan. Under the title “An Almighty Punchy Tour” he will describe the terrain, climate, logistics, casualty procedures and personal challenges, illustrated with his own stories and those of his soldiers. He will also reflect on tour lengths, R&R, communications to and from home and the reactions of young officers and soldiers to some of the fiercest fighting since WW2. A week or two after his talk, the Museum will open its new Afghanistan Exhibition, which the Light Dragoons have helped to create.


You probably have not heard about the Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal which was launched in London in November and will be going live nationally in March. My notification came from the South West Counties Coordinator for The Appeal, through the Light Dragoons Regimental Association.

The Director of the Tank Museum, Richard Smith, has very kindly agreed that Capt Swales’ talk may be a fund-raiser for The Appeal. A proportion of the revenue from ticket sales generated by this letter and all of the cash from a bucket collection at the end of the evening will be donated to the Appeal.



Typically an evening lecture at the Museum attracts between 80 and 100 people. Will you help to double the audience by coming along and by spreading the word among your friends, especially those who have not served in the Services and would appreciate a soldier’s view of the war? Tickets are priced at £10; the Museum will be open from 6pm so there will be an opportunity to tour the collection of vehicles and exhibits before the lecture starts.



Please contact me by PM if you are interested and I'll give you contact details to reserve your tickets; cheques should be made out to The Tank Museum and posted to the Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset BH20 6JG.

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