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HELP! needed. WW2 reenactment group needed

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I have a few photos I require for my survey book.


Can any one help, I need to find a British or a Canadian WW2 reenact group for some living history photos..


Do you know any groups in the South/south east..


I require ideally a section of troops. Cam nets of the 1940's. All equipped and also the correct Bren Gun tripod that fits the era..


I can't pay, but I can stretch to drinks in the pub/book credits and also use the day for your own needs as well.(promo pics)


Its to man a Pillbox to recreate the 1940's Sussex defence. I have a Pillbox on private land so De-act weapons are not an issue. IF any one has a 6 pounder hotchkiss would be a dream come true!!!!!


Look forward to your replies.



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Thank you for your replies.

My apology for not replying sooner, don't get online as much as I used to.


I shall try the Living history groups very soon. Need the weather to pick up for the 'shoot'.


Thanks for the offer TR, I shall keep you informed mate.


I do have a few wants for the pictures. I'm hoping to get people dressed in Royal Sussex Reg and Canadian Regs for the authenticity of troop deployment in the area in the build up to DD.


Does anyone have the following that they could bring/loan for the day?


Bren carrier.

QL troop truck

Hotchkiss 6 pounder or the 2 pounder gun.

A Bren gun tripod.

WW2 era cam nets.

ration boxes. brew kits


I would also credit HMVF and use the pictures on here as well as for the study I have done.


Hopefully it can be arranged and would be a nice day to build a little diarama.


If you can help please let me know. I would lay on lunch for all and unlimited tea and biscuits :)


On the reconstructive Archaeology front I shall be clearing vegetation and repairing a Pillbox which is in very poor order.

Also taking the exterior walls back to the 1940s by painting the camoflauge patterns back on.


Will be an interesting day.


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