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Hummer play time

Lord Burley

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I went on one of those red letter day pay and play events today in a Hummer H1.It had some quite challenging stuff. Lots of mud and water troughs,and some very steep gradients.As usual the Hummer didn't fail to impress.










All the time i was there i was taunted by the staff and instructors as to if i would be mad enough to take the H2 around.So at the end of the day i asked if i could give it ago.I think they were a bit miffed,as they probably thought i wouldn't want to try it....






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So which one is better? The H1 or H2?
Comfort wise,it was the H2. It just glided around.The H1 seriously hardcore,and soon took its toll on you.Bashing around over the ruff stuff soon gave me backache.And my neck was suffering a bit.


The H2,s trip around the course was just pure comfort.And very capable,which even surprised me.As i thought it wouldn't be able to match the H1.But it managed to go every where the H1 went.There is a fella in the states called Rod Hall who races stock H2,s in the Baja 1000.And pretty succesful he is too.So in practice i was more than impressed with it off road.

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