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Model 1897 French 75mm field gun

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Picked this up the other day,,,,, going to do a some minor work on it and then it might be available for sale. Has an original French carriage and original wheels that were just redone...live breech, considered a salute device per BATF, fires 75mm blank salute rounds..recuperator tube has been cut and a small sleeve welded in the breech so it can't take long 75 rounds. Currently it is in French field gray, not the camo pattern... Need to paint the wheels, install the shield, attach the sight box to the shield, do some other minor finishing work...


http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/ ... =slideshow









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It served with the US forces in WW1, sent back to the states as a training cannon after the war, ended up as a lawn ornament at a college fraternity house for many years, was picked up by the previous owner about 10 years ago, restored the first time, 2nd owner had it for about 5 years and had the original wheels and carriage redone, I picked it up and here we are. My boys are a little older, but they love it too...

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