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Good Book on the 6 Pdr / 17 Pdr ?


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I think you'll draw a blank on that one, I can't think of any books that are specific to 6pdr or 17pdr -I think there was one about 2pdrs about thirty+ years ago. There is one book on British and American Atillery by Ian Hogg which dates back to 1980 and is probably no longer about, but it only covers the 6 and 17pdr in a few pages each as it covers everything from the Smith gun to huge rail guns used for coastal defence. There is also an earlier volume on German artillery by Ian Hogg which will almost certainly be un available. There is a Macdonald Janes Factfile booklet of A/T guns of all nations dating from 1974 and a reprint -or similar booklet by Ian Hogg from the early 1990s, neither cover any type in great detail -they are very like old ID manuals.


I'm sure some of the bods that have 6pdrs and 17pdrs will be able to advise about the availablity of T/Ms.


Sorry I can't be more positive



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If you need to know about these weapons technically you would be best buying manuals.

You can buy good reprints from Rob van meel and he has both 6 pdr and 17 pdr manuals in stock.

Although there is quite a few books covering the 6 and 17 pdr's you will find some of the contents regarding these guns is not always correct !




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