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removing brake master cylinder on a WC51?


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the brake master cylinder on my 44 WC51 is leaking and needs to be replaced.my question is how the hell do you get to that one bolt,the other two can be easily removed,but that third one up near the frame is in one tight location. how does one remove that? thanks for any advice.

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The answer is a **** the book says remove all the side gaurds underneath. I managed it without that by using a half moon ring ratchet spanner. There are three bolts. The brake pipe coming out the front has a peculiar spiral, DON'T DAMAGE it!! It would be a complete **** to have to replace that. There are two types of cylinder available. The later M37 type is straight, the real one slopes. The new ones are available, the one I got was around the £100 mark.

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