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Pickering Wartime Weekend 14-16th Oct - Who's Going?

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Had our NE MVT meeting last night, and it seems there will be quite a few of us there this weekend. If you are looking for us, we'll be the group with Jeeps and Dodges!!!!!!!!! Seriously, our Area Secretary, Jon Kerr, has a Chrysler Royal 1941 Staff Car, so if you see that, we'll probably be close.



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sorry but it's a bit to far for us to come up as it would only be for the sunday. I would like to do this event so any photo's you can post after the weekend would be great.

we can't make all weekend as it is our works global volunteer day on sat 15th & seeing as i have organised it all I have to be there with my clip board supervising everyone. this year we are painting 4 rooms in the spring centre which is a preschool for kids with difficulties of differing abilities. when I went for a recce i nearly fell asleep in the light sensory room :oops: when they told me to try it out.

so sorry i would love to be there but not this time :?



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