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Canadian navy


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Dear KMF,


Can I suggest that you first of all post a bit about yourself in the introductions section, it is kind of nice to do so.


Also filling in where you live on your profile helps others, like me, because if you live in Canada I would let you make the phone call yourself, but if your in UBU UBU land then I will certainly do some digging for you as I happen to live in Canada.



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Hi there, well i did make an introduction when i joined as you are expected. WelL again, i am keith fox from st. Helens england. I am a car enthusiast with an interest mainly in the jeep. I am 48 and married to a filipina. My father was born in 1924 and served in the british royal nave during ww2. He was a radio opperator and saw service in the english channel, the atlantic, the pacific and in the med. He was also seconded to HMSC Puncher as the canadian navy was short of radio operators and was based from what i have been told from nova scotia. My enquiry relates to my interest in his history, to find out if he was entitled to a service medal from the canadian navy. I do hope this cleares up any missing details. His name is austin fox with a british service number of D/JX424051

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