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Transport needed from Europe to UK, several containers, truck etc.


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Thank You, that is a good idea. Could you - or anyone else, recommend a good company? I have already realized the prices vary a lot! The purpose of this topic was to try finding a good connection/person from "these circles". I rather would deal with real persons than faceless big companies.


Last time I did such a move I drove together with the owner of the truck, changing driver every 3 hours. That was a longer trip, but a lot of fun. This time I rather don't drive as I want the stuff arrives safely :D

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I am no longer in the haulage business and things have changed a lot which is why I suggested contacting agents, owner drivers as well as large companies use their facilities.

Sorry I can't help any more but I will try to make enquiries from some of my old contacts and will let you know if I get any information.

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Looking at the list of machinery, my gut feeling is that you would do well to look for a specialist machinery carrier. It will cost more but the risk of damage will be much reduced and they will be used to handling that type of load, have sufficient straps, chains for security etc. Don't forget that what looks like good load security for the road can be woefully inadequate if a stormy ferry crossing is encountered.

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